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Well leave it all to us.

We all know this pandemic has brought a huge revolution in the marketing world. We witnessed the change of traditional marketing to digital marketing in such a short time span. Nothing has actually stopped because of COVID-19, because the world is ready to cope up with the changes anytime. And digitally promoting your business can be so creative, effective and it also takes good care of your budget. So, if you are planning to start your business now then no time is better than this because Pharoscion Global is here to not only help you build your business but also provides you the best digital services to support and protect you all your way. You just need to let us know your requirements and voila! You’re all set to see your brand becoming famous, earn money and chill. Easy, isn’t it!

Now you would think, what is Pharoscion Global?

It is a digital company that provides efficient services to the global clients with high quality, creative & affordable online digital services.
You name a digital service and we are ready to give the best we can, according to your business mission, vision and preference. We are pledged to make your dream business enriched with high quality digital service. We are currently supporting MSME Businesses Globally in 4 Continents successfully and we aim to be a Global Brand on which people can proudly trust.

Let’s discuss what kind of digital services you will get if you choose us -

Just the way Pharos - "The Lighthouse of Alexandria city" was built to help guide ships into port by enlightening the way, Pharoscion Global is also committed to enlighten the way to success through digital services of new business owners with big dreams.
We provide the digital services you need the most -

1. Design Thinking and Digital Marketing -

To launch your business we have to think of a logo by which people will know you. It is an important task but you do not have to worry; we will design the logo as per your preference. We will present everything in front of you, you just have to choose. Digital footprints are enough to claim your social presence so we will provide you the best digital marketing service to make a strong presence for your brand.

2. App and Software Development -

Nowadays almost 70% of people spend time on apps and softwares. It means your business can jump up to the next level just by having a smartphone or a laptop. Apps and softwares help in -

  • It allows your company to be accessible from almost anywhere anytime.
  • It helps to implement on-the-go marketing.
  • It increases the engagement with customers and let’s you communicate with them directly.
  • It is much more than simple marketing and we will help you to get all the good side of it.

3.SEO and SEM -

After making a digital presence you just have to make it visible to most of the people. We are going to optimize the target keywords and eventually finding your potential customers is what we will do to help you in getting an edge over your competition.

4.Data Science and Analytics -

Data science and analytics are one of the must haves for all types of brands. Data science is important for any kind of industry. It keeps a track of statistics, insight across workflows and this is why it helps senior staff to make better-informed decisions. Analytics helps to gather and analyze and draw valuable conclusions. Also it helps to know the customer better like - what they want, which product they love the most, how much time they are spending on the website, when they are going back from the website which helps us to know the audience better and to give the services according to their preference. We are here to help you with all of that. We gather information to help you to make better decisions.

5.Artist and Brand Management -

Content development, driving sales, brand marketing, profile representation and customer relationship management(CRM) - we cover every digital service you want. You just focus on your skills and the brand and we will represent your brand in the best way possible.

6. Business Consulting -

Consulting means giving suggestions or advice. And we do not believe in that. Yes you read it right! We do not believe in just giving advice to you for your business, we are going to stick to it and implement it for your business and witness the growth.
We cover everything you will need for your brand to make a strong digital footprint. To know more and better, you can always contact us and email us at
We will ensure that choosing us will be your choice not an option. Let us grow together!

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Want to have a delicious explosion of taste on a healthy note? Well, CakeOPedia is the best option.

CakeOPedia is the brainchild of a 14-year-old schoolgirl who is enthusiastic and innovative enough to make her own brand with the immense support and help of her mother to provide everyone with utterly delicious and healthy cakes.

Cakes and healthy?

Yes, you read it right. That’s the main motto of CakeOPedia to make a healthy cake that has a nutritional value and doesn’t contain so many calories like regular cakes. Yet the taste is the same, in fact better!

Why and how do they do it?

CakeOPedia started in the year of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic where everyone was so worried about a healthy and fit body, but who can stop craving, right? That’s why they came up with the idea of delivering healthy and delicious bits of heaven in the form of cakes.
To make the cakes healthy, CakeOPedia uses healthy substitutes for the ingredients of a regular cake. Like they use

  • Wheat flour as the substitute for All-purpose flour.
  • Jaggery as the sweetener.
  • No preservatives.

These small changes can make big differences in the wholesomeness of any cake. The right proportion of any ingredient is very crucial and CakeOPedia expertise in this.
They have different flavours for your different moods and every type of cake for every occasion. CakeOPedia takes care of your pocket as well; this handmade, healthy and sweet box of happiness can come to you at a very affordable price range. Everyone should eat what their soul wants without worrying much about calories and budget and CakeOPedia assures that!

Bakers make the world smell and taste better, also it feels quite a pleasure to make and bake a cake on your own for your loved ones at home. Moreover, the period of quarantine has already shown us the enjoyment of self baking, isn’t it? Keeping that in mind, CakeOPedia has also introduced everyone to the concept of their healthy cake mixes. You can easily cut, mix and bake at your own home with your creative decoration while getting all the benefits of CakeOPedia cakes. You just have to give them a call to order the thing you want, they will assure you that you are getting the best.

What’s a good day without a cake? And when you are getting these cakes in such a healthy form, you must not have any doubt about it. Order a cake mix now and have a bit of deliciousness.

You can place your order through call / whatsapp at +91-8980677377.
They are available on amazon as well at
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Gift Someone ‘Food’ As Your Love Language.

Someone rightly said – “Food is the symbol of love when words are inadequate”, and we second it totally with our craving soul. Why gift someone useless things which they will barely use? Gift them the ultimate gift that shows your love and care for them as food is one of those few elements that bind everyone together, so it can never be a bad option to gift your loved ones the platter they will love.

We all know that Kolkata has a very intimate relationship with food. This city never disappoints any foodie out there. So in the heart of Kolkata, Tempting Taste is trying its best to keep the known reputation of food here in Kolkata.

Do you love to eat but are afraid of outside food as you are unsure about its quality? Don’t worry! You have our back. Tempting Taste is providing the exact go-to food delivery service in Kolkata. Just call them and have some flavoursome homemade food to amaze your taste buds.
They believe health requires healthy food, and we all are aware of how important it is to be healthy, especially in the time of the pandemic. So they came up with the idea of serving homemade food with all the nutritious value involved. Fresh raw materials and care make every dish of Tempting Taste mouth-watering and appetizing. So if you want to stay fit and healthy – Eat Better, Not Less.
Tempting Taste has come up with an awesome combination of food for every cuisine lover. They have drool-worthy platters like –

  • Italian Delight.
  • Chinese Platter.
  • Indian Delicacies.
  • Cheesy Platter.

You can order any cuisine at a time for your loved ones and yourself or you can play with your creative mind and ask them to customize a beautiful Platter with different cuisines to gift someone your utmost love.
The most interesting facts with the GIFT PLATTER is –
Tempting Taste gives a special touch by decorating it beautifully in a Tray, which gives the whole idea a luxurious look.

  • If you want, you can add Cake or Mousse also in your gift tray.
  • Just a call and place your order request. Tempting taste will deliver healthy homemade delicacies in few hours at your doorstep in the most hygienic manner.
  • 100% vegetarian food which is made with fresh raw materials to make it healthy.
  • Tempting Taste also provides Jain food on special request.
  • If you are having trouble paying in cash, don’t worry. Tempting Taste accepts digital payments like GPay, PhonePe and Paytm.

We all are very much aware that “The Belly Rules The Mind” so if you want your mind and belly both to be happy at the same time - place your order now. Whether it be a single dish, a combination of dishes or a beautiful food platter, we have it all for you! Also, we would suggest you to gift these Customized Food Platters to make the day for your loved ones and be in their thoughts.

Your order is just a call away +91-7439951653.
For more details, visit
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Sharma Furniture - Pride of Jamshedpur

The furniture you choose reflects your personality, so choose smart and modern furniture according to your personality from Sharma Furniture.

Since 1975, Sharma Furniture has been making a mark in the heart of Jamshedpur with the Furniture business. It is a long time indeed, and with time, Sharma Furniture has modified and grown bigger and better. The journey was never easy nor simple -

  • From one small store to 4 big stores in the city
  • From 1 happy customer to 2 Lakh happy customers family
  • From rising up to spreading the business

But Sharma Furniture has been consistent with the growth for the past 45+ years.

According to the time and era, Sharma Furniture coped up, and they are now providing ‘SMART FURNITURES’, which will be efficient and suitable for every household.

Due to the lack of space and flat systems, we must face difficulties choosing our furniture which will be best in design and quality. So that’s why the masterminds of Sharma Furniture came up with the idea of Smart Furniture – which not only helps you manage your personal space but also gives your home extra space and a touch of modern livelihood to compliment your wise choice.

Sharma Furniture provides a wide range of furniture choices for designing your home, made with the best quality wood and crafted by professionals. From a queen-sized bed to a decent table, you just name the furniture you want, and they will provide it to you as they have a wide range of collections. They will assure you to give up to the mark complete home furnishing solutions. They will also help you out with Interior decoration consultation for your home.

Customer satisfaction is a great deal to them. They always assure their service to make the customer feel confident about choosing them. Moreover, they link themselves closely with each and every customer who took any product from Sharma Furniture. From delivering it to their home to repairing it if any issue occurred, they do it very efficiently and cordially. This must be one reason that convinces people to pick Sharma Furniture only in any case of furniture.

Sharma Furniture not only renovates but also transforms any furniture into something smart and valuable according to your convenience. So, what are you waiting for? Refurbish your home and give it a touch of elegance and smartness with the furniture you ought to have from Sharma Furniture.

Your order is just a call away +91-9470555266.
For more details, visit
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Enjoy the bliss in the form of a cake everyday without worrying about calories!!. Yes, try cake from Cakeopedia.

We all have a foodie residing inside us. Whether it’s cooking or consuming, we all have a different kind of interest when it comes to food, and if it’s a dessert, we can’t resist ourselves to say a big YES. Sounds familiar, right?

We understand your need; that’s why CakeOPedia is here to satisfy your dessert cravings in every way possible.

The main aim of CakeOPedia is to make healthy cakes that won’t harm or affect your body in any way. They give their utmost effort to make healthy cakes for you like they use wheat flour and jaggery as the ingredients of the cakes, which is a small change but makes a lot of difference in the nutritional value. So keep your worries aside and order your favourite one because any time is cake time!.

If you want to bake a healthy cake at home by yourself, that’s great! CakeOPedia has your back there to ensure you will get an utterly delicious and healthy cake. Just follow the few steps –

  • Order your favourite cake mix
  • Cut the cake mix packet
  • Add one cup milk and ½ cup oil/butter/ghee into it
  • Mix it
  • Preheat oven/Gas tandoor/ Cooker
  • Grease the pan and pour the cake mix batter into it
  • Add some dry fruits/ nuts into it (according to your preference)
  • Bake it
  • Let it cool down completely
  • Decorate it as you like with some garnishing

Get your healthy and tasty cake ready with your minimum efforts, yet it gets a touch of your hand. Awesome, isn’t it?

All the super healthy, no-maida and flavoursome cake flavours are categorized according to your taste buds and your mood. They are –

  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Wheat Chocolate Jaggery Cake
  • Oats and Nuts Jaggery Cake
  • Ragi Cakes -
    • Ragi Chocolate Cake
    • Ragi Chocolate Jaggery Cake
  • Tiramisu Cakes
    • Tiramisu Walnut Jaggery Cake
    • Tiramisu Walnut Cake

The most fantastic feature is that you can get all the wholesomeness of the healthy cereals and nuts with the flavour of chocolate/jaggery, making the whole cake so different and mouth-watering. You don’t have to control your cake cravings just because you are on a diet now. It is a dream come true for every foodie like us.

Now let’s discuss where you can get your little pouch of happiness (cake mixes) and Cakes. Here are the lists of ways you can get the delicious taste of heaven in the form of cake –

Local stores – CakeOPedia is located in Gujarat, and it is pretty well known in the local stores from where you can pick up your favourite cake mix and bake it on your own.

Social Media – CakeOPedia has a relatively good social presence on Facebook and Instagram. You can directly message them to get proper answers from the owners only if you have queries, or you can order there directly as well.

Facebook -
Instagram -

Life is too short to refuse a cake. So don’t waste a single second of it and order your favourite cake mix from CakeOPedia and bake it yourself in your best-loved way!

You can place your order through call / whatsapp at +91-8980677377.