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 Just the way Pharos - "The Lighthouse of Alexandria city" was built to help guide ships into port and Julius Caesar, in his Civil Wars (Part III, 111-112), describes the strategic importance as, "Now because of the narrowness of the strait there can be no access by ship to the harbour without the consent of those who hold the Pharos", likewise, Pharoscions pledge to deliver effective and successful state of the art solutions to various global businesses.

 Our work is driven by powerful ideas derived from a deep understanding of our clients and their points of interaction, which make us different from others.

 Our pledge is to deliver effective and successful state of the art solutions to various global businesses and will be our client's all-weather partner.

Where we are?

Pharoscion is currently supporting MSME Businesses Globally in 4 Continents successfully.

What we want to be?

As a team we aim to become a Global brand on which people trust

Happy Global Family

Happy Global Family

Our Culture

Our Culture

Our Vision

To provide efficient services to our global clients by applying elegant and robust web and mobile application solutions through the use of data science, web programming, apps design & development, cloud computing, digital marketing, business consulting and artist management

Our Mission

To provide our clients with high quality, creative & affordable online and desktop solutions which deliver new & effective ways to reach their business objectives. In short, "Your dream is our mission".

Our Values

Ambitious - Pharoscion has an aim to achieve high In life, that’s how one can succeed.

Team - Oriented -Every Pharoscion is first to initiate in team and is definitely a team player.

Optimistic -Every Pharoscion has a positive attitude towards their work.

Adaptability -Every Pharoscion has a can-do attitude and a mindset of learning new technology on the go.

Commitment -Every Pharoscion is committed towards their work and is a go- getter.

Punctual -Every Pharoscion is punctual towards his work ethics.

Our Roadmap

Our Roadmap

Our Services

Our Services

We are committed to enlighten your business with latest technologies, design thinking, business consulting and digital marketing.

Cloud Computing (Azure, AWS & GCP)

We go beyond the traditional IT managed services model to provide clients with cloud computing solutions which have a PAY-AS-YOU-GO driven approach, achieving through Azure, AWS & GCP Cloud.

Data Science & Analytics

Right from submitting your business to search engines to optimizing them for mobile devices, promoting on social platforms and protecting your brand identity through trademarks, we have all the marketing solutions expertise.

App & Software Development

You focus on your passion and let us streamline your IT operations so you can keep doing what you love. We will cover all your IT needs using technologies like Flutter, PHP, Scripting Languages, HTML-CSS etc.

Web Design & Development

Creating a user-friendly and aesthetically beautiful website is our responsibility. Whether it be making from scratch or revamping your old one, our qualified web developers & designers will take care of everything.

Design Thinking & Digital Marketing

Right from submitting your business to search engines to optimizing them for mobile devices, promoting on social platforms and protecting your brand identity through trademarks, we have all the marketing solutions expertise.

SEO, SEM & Analytics

Taking your website from bottom to top of the rankings, optimizing it for the target keywords and eventually finding your potential customers is what we will do to help you in getting an edge over your competition.

Artist & Brand Management

You keep on growing your skills and leave the rest on us. Production & Content Development, driving sales, brand marketing, profile representation, customer relationships, we will manage everything to help you create the biggest impact.

Business Consulting

We know that consulting Is More Than Giving Advice. Let it be making a diagnosis, which may necessitate redefinition of the problem or assisting with implementation of recommended solutions. Let it be building a consensus and commitment around corrective action or facilitating client learning—that is, teaching clients how to resolve similar problems in the future, we back you.

Social Responsibility Towards Society

Brahmani Welfare Foundation

We collaborated with Brahmani which performs various environmental activities including educating masses through public education campaigns.

The Leisure Time

During Covid-19 lockdown, we organised The Leisure Time event which included fun activities like poster making, making best out of waste, fancy dress event etc, in various schools for innovative learning purposes.

Sounds Of Nidra

We collaborated with Sounds Of Nidra (music composing company) for helping patients overcome mental health issues like autism & dementia, abnormal growth of brain lesions globally by providing binaural beats, different frequency music etc.,.


Best Out Of Waste


Poster Making


Brahmani Welfare Foundation


Fancy Dress Contestants


Cute Smile Contestants


Sounds Of Nidra

Get Hands Dirty

Get Hands Dirty Programme

Pharoscion Global started "Get Hands Dirty" programme in alliance with top universities & colleges like IITs, IIMs, NIFTs, NITs etc.,. Interns from these premier institutes have worked on live projects, interacted with international clients and delivered phenomenal results.

As of October 2020, over 400 students of these leading institutes have applied for this programme and few of them got chance to get their hands dirty working on various projects of our clients across the globe.

News / Recent Events

News / Recent Events

Get all the Information about upcoming events now. We would be glad if you join us.


"We already have wings, let’s fly and reach the Horizon".
Pharoscion organised a virtual event on "23rd May, 2021 at 04:00, PM", the aim of which was to empower the inner qualities of every individual.


"Make yourself and your kid understand the importance of English and Hindi Literature."
Pharoscion will be organising an online event where writer-poet Mr. Abhishek narrated his stories and poems and other participants got opportunities to share theirs too.

Experience shared by our clients

Experience shared by our clients


Leela Creations

— Mr. Prashant Prasad

“Pharoscion has increased our reach 10 times through its services. Approaching them for any issues is simple and their response is also very quick, energetic and positive. They listen to your problems and deal with it professionally. The best thing is that on multiple occasions they have gone beyond their regular working hours in delivering results.”



— Mr. Saurabh Jaiswal

“Our entire IT support is handled by Pharoscion. They are very quick in delivering the results. Pharoscion goes beyond just the client relationship like, sometimes they have extended their working hours to help us out, provided vital suggestions on how can we improve. We are expanding now and our IT services will always be handled by Pharoscion.”


Sounds of Nidra

— Mr. Ajit Deshpande

“Pharoscion has built so much trust that we are more like a family to them not just a client. They have provided very simple & easy approach and are always available for any kind of assistance. They are also very professional when it comes to meeting deadlines. Businesses are done on trust, we have faith in Pharoscion and we want to grow with Pharoscion.”

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